Ulissux Base System

Ulissux BS - Base System

Anonymous Operating System - Basic Version

Ulissux Base System is the solution for those who have no IT skills but have understood the importance of protecting their life online. Simple, immediate and economical.
Computer Ulissux base system

Surfing the Internet without adopting a sound strategy
is like walking through a minefield.

On the one hand, our online activities are monitored in the name of national security and behind the shield of direct advertising, spying on everyone all the time regardless of whether they are criminals or law-abiding citizens.
On the other hand, cyber criminals and mysterious acronyms track every movement to improve the profile created on us , they know our behavior on the net, our accounts and everything we share, even if we have nothing to hide.
For this reason we have created Ulissux, the system with a soul inside, which spreads values ​​of digital freedom for those who want to play in advance and use the web without leaving crumbs.

Software included in Ulissux BS

Text Editor – File – KeePassXC
Brasero – Cheese – mpv Media Player – Sound recorder
GIMP – LibreOffice Draw – Simple Scan
HexChat – PuTTY SSH Client – Tor Browser
Package Manager – Settings – Customizations – Software & Updates – Software
LibreOffice Base – LibreOffice Calc – LibreOffice Draw – LibreOffice Impress – LibreOffice Writer
UX Anonymity (Guide, Change time zone, Edit sources, Change hostname, Start menu cleaning, Tor Update)
UX Test (Guide, Time zone in use, DNS leaks, IP leaks)
Calculator – Disks – Archive manager – System Monitor – Customizations – Screen – Terminal – Image Viewer – Document Viewer

Watch the video to understand how simple it is


Everything in Italian is great. I downloaded BS quickly and the required contribution is minimal for a system like this. recommended.
Riccardo Marini
Reliable, everything ok after payment and quick to download. I browse anonymously and quickly without noticing any differences on my pc. Fernanda H.
I use the system with a USB everywhere, it has been verified that I surf anonymously and do not leave any information on the computer, the internet is fantastic.
Marina Rovigna
In this moment unique of its kind in Italy. Nothing to do with those already proven too complex by very long times.
Marcello G.
I used Tails, nothing to do with it. Bravi is fast and anonymous.
Angelo Frassino
Great system. Complete and very easy to use, I practically do things in the same way I have always known. Giacomo F.
I tried Ulissux for the first time in dualboot on my main computer and I was surprised, once you have tried the interface and its anonymous browsing you can no longer do without it.
Vanni Alfano
Computer Engineering Student
It should be installed by default on all PCs. All in Italian and fast as I never expected.
Giuseppe Saccone
As confirmed by those who have already used it, Ulissux is the only system in Italian with which you can afford the luxury of concretely protecting the privacy of your life and of those you care about most.
You can have your Ulissux Base System installable for only 19 euro (i.i.)
Click the “Download now” button to start using Ulissux BS too from the next 2 minutes.
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