Ulissux User Experience

Ulissux UX - User Experience

Anonymous Operating System - Advanced Version

Ulissux User Experience is the advanced system that protects you in a universal way. Essential resource both in the personal and in the working sphere.
Ulissux User Experience
Stealing your data, stalking you during your searches, and compromising the peace of mind of your real life are people who come up with deceptive tricks to target what you care about most.
You may believe that you have the most powerful security suite (group of programs) in the world, but if you leave traces while on your computer you risk attracting the attention of cybercriminals and falling victim to their crimes.

With Ulissux UX we have taken the problems of anonymity and made them simple, because thanks to its advanced configuration, it takes care of all the aspects concerning your security.

Software included in Ulissux UX

ClamTk – Text Editor – File – KeePassXC
Brasero – Cheese – EasyTAG – mpv Media Player – Sound Recorder – SMPlayer
GIMP – LibreOffice Draw – Simple Scan
Email Mozilla Thunderbird – FileZilla – HexChat – Onion Circuits – PuTTY SSH Client – Tor Browser
BleachBit – Package Manager – Grsync – Settings – GDebi Package Installer – Laptop Mode Tools – Customizations – Software – Software & Updates – System Profiler & Benchmark
LibreOffice Base – LibreOffice Calc – LibreOffice Draw – LibreOffice Impress – LibreOffice Math – LibreOffice Writer
UX Guide Anonymity (Change time zone – Change sources – Change hostname – Plutia start menu – Tor update – 5/9/14 eyes exclusion – Delete files)
UX Security (ClamTk – chkrootkit – rkhunter)
UX Test (Time zone in use – Loss IP address – DNS info leaks – Tor configuration check – DNS configuration check)
UX Torification (irssi – ssh – wget – Custom command) UX System (OS version in use – Essential services status)
Calculator – Disks – File Manager – System Monitor – Customizations – Screen – Terminal – Image Viewer – Document Viewer

Watch the video to understand how simple it is

Stop giving space to that fantasy that many users, mistakenly, recognize, that is, “it's not my problem”. Protecting your sensitive data is more important than you think!


It manages to bring out the awareness of a new attitude, it makes you open the doors to a world that you would not recognize and you do it with simplicity. Great UX, fast, installed it coexists perfectly with what I have.
Federico Andreini
Computer engineer
Nothing is there for everyone to see anymore, I had a problem with my emails that I solved with Ulissux UX. Fast system, really safe and finally everything in Italian. Angelo Lombardi
I'm sure everyone will talk about it soon. Once on the stick, there is nothing more functional and effective.
Simona Nenni
Practical interface and software to do everything, easier than those tried before. Recommended.
Giovanni Rocca
Financial advisor

When you use your computer in your free time or for work, this is your best chance to:

1) equip yourself with a secure and versatile system to manage your privacy where and when you want
2) enhance your online security in a real and verifiable way (script-test)
3) manage your activities in complete freedom and total control on any computer
Ulissux UX available at 59 euro (i.i.)
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