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To allow verification of the reliability and ease of use of the Ulissux system even for those who do not adopt these solutions due to their difficulty of use, we have decided to share a part of its potential through Ulissux IO (Internet Only), which you can download for free.

What is Ulissux Internet Only?

It is the only live version of Ulissux, designed and built for private Internet browsing only (basic configuration + Tor browser + Ulissux Test).
The purpose of this version is to make you invisible when connected to the Internet.
To avoid the dangers present on the net, your ability to judge and use the computer will not be enough, but you will have to understand the web as it really is and use a system suitable for the purpose.
Ulissux Internet Only is our contribution to everyone’s safety. The first step to take to regain your online freedom. Download for free now.

How does it work?

Like a normal operating system, with the peculiarity that the traffic generated by the pc is forced to use the Tor circuit.

Where can I use it?

It can be used on any computer (desktop and laptop). It does not alter (except voluntarily) or depend on the operating system installed on the computer.

Can i install it?

No, it is a live system. It can be used on dvd, usb, virtual machine. After shutting down the system and / or removing the device used, the computer will restart as usual.

How much?

No cost. It is the version of Ulissux created to allow you to test the system that you can download immediately without any registration.

Software included in Ulissux IO

File (file manager)

Tor Browser (anonymous browsing)

Setting (desktop configuration)

UX Test (time zone in use, DNS leaks, IP leaks)

Watch the video and find out how simple it is

some testimonials

Overcoming the mistrust I was thrilled I did the test and it is real, excellent product.
Andrea Sacchitelli
I have done all the possible tests and I am always anonymous. Not usable in social networks but it seems clear to me why. Michelangelo Ciani
I have tried Ulissux internet only and it is simply amazing. It's simple and intuitive, but most of all the internet connection is anonymous FOR REAL!
Martina Strano
Computer engineer student

It is not a trial or a time trial but a true anonymous system, yours forever.