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Ulissux is the anonymous operating system, based on Debian GNU / Linux, which routes all the traffic generated by the system within the Tor circuit. Ulissux was designed and built to work / live in symbiosis with the Tor system. All traffic generated by the computer using it is routed through that system. With Ulissux it is possible to fully exploit the potential of the Tor circuit, without having to configure the operating system or pre-installed Open Source software. The purpose of Ulissux is to protect the legitimate right to privacy by obscuring the activities you carry out on the Internet and your location.
Ulissux was created with the aim of protecting privacy, obscuring all activities and personal information that you let leak out when you use a computer. Protects from tracking and identification by keeping you invisible when you are online. Get around censorship of sites that can be blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Using the Ulissux device, you may experience a slight decrease in performance during online activities. This slowdown is caused by the working system of the Tor circuit, but it is the normal trade-off for greater online protection and anonymity.
It doesn’t protect you from stupidity. If you use the system to log into your normal accounts, it becomes easy to trace your real identity. If you provide information about your city, weather conditions, events or demonstrations, it will be possible to circumscribe your location. In conclusion, an anonymized system cannot defend you from human errors.
It is legal to use both Ulissux and Tor because they are systems that preserve their security. It is not legal if you use it to commit cybercrime, to share copyrighted files, prohibited material / videos, etc.
To highlight the advantages of Ulissux we define three main differences compared to similar systems. The main specificity is that Ulissux is a ready-to-use system ready with just 2 clicks, live and installable. A second difference is in the choice of software used and in the configuration of the system and the various services. A third difference is that others allow you to carry out the activities anonymously and not, while with Ulissux you work only behind the anonymity offered by Tor, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises if you continue to operate thinking you are in a condition of anonymity. All of its connections use the Tor circuit. Even when you had to install and “not configure” the software (as long as the operation is allowed), your traffic would be transparently “torified” (transparent torification partially avoids the loss of any information).
Yes, whenever you want, although it is usually better to wait some time after the release of new updates to avoid running into bugs (design errors) that could compromise the stability of the system or other installed software. This rule doesn’t apply when updates are about security. For greater peace of mind, the end user can refer to the information that we will publish in our blog about the updates to be made, when and how to perform them in his reserved area.
Yes, because it does not interfere with the normal functioning of traditional routers and the same does not require special configurations.
Yes, it is possible.
Yes, it is possible.
It makes no sense to use a double connection even if you don’t use Ulissux.
Through the verification links present in Ulissux, selected by us (for their veracity) and included in the Tor Browser favorites. Thanks to these links you can test: Fingerprint – DNSleaks – Timezone…
No, they don’t use VPNs and Tor is not a VPN service. It is however possible to configure your own VPN services.
It is not advisable to intervene on the Tor circuit nodes (for more information, study the appropriate section on the Tor website). It is however possible to exclude some exit nodes without compromising in any way the traffic generated by the excluded nodes. Ulissux excludes exit nodes located in nations with a greater focus on monitoring the network.
After connecting the device, the default is to function as a normal computer. So after visiting the splash / login page, you should be able to use the Internet.

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Ulissux is available in 2 executables versions

Ulissux Base System

Ulissux User Experience