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We customize systems to enhance user safety and
protect privacy when using the computer.

Ulissux OS We are Maurizio and Salvo Mannanici, two brothers at the head of a group of young and motivated computer engineers.
For 15 years we have been creating IT solutions geared above all to security, helping people and companies to experience the use of computers in a safer way, an inevitable activity in both the work and personal sphere. Contact us for advice..
We know well what it means to suffer computer crimes and for this reason we try, with passion and professionalism, to make it clear that anonymity is a terrain on which, by applying methodically, it is possible to protect the legitimate right to privacy and not a condition for having get the better of other users or engage in illegal activities.”
During a regular working day 5 years ago, we received an email from one of our contacts which included an attachment.
We downloaded the email without noticing anything abnormal but as soon as we opened the attachment, the tragedy began.
Most of the files on that computer were encrypted due to the automatic activation of a virus that limits / blocks access to the affected device (ramsoware).
Although we managed to prevent other computers connected to the network from becoming infected, we suffered a massive loss of data and information, some essential for the performance of our work, others for personal and private use only.
Of course, a minimum of expertise would make you think: “but it is well known that an attachment could contain viruses!”
We know this and other intrusion techniques well but we fell into the trap only because the email came from a contact deemed reliable. Nothing made us think of such a repercussion.
That’s why opening the content of the attachment was a natural action, as anyone would do when the sender is known and trusted.
This story was an opportunity to better understand what we already knew, the difference between hackers and organized cybercrime.
The former mostly pursue certain “ideological” objectives, the latter aim exclusively at the theft of money and information on everyone’s private life.
We have dedicated two years of work to achieve this goal, simplifying all configurations for those who have never used something similar before, also thinking of those who have already tried to use it but got lost in complex installation and operation mechanisms.
After two years of studies and tests, in 2018 we decided to start our computer project Ulissux, the first Italian anonymous operating system, and we work daily to evolve it.
My name is Nobody!”, So Ulysses introduced himself when Polyphemus asked him who he was. This is our intent, to be Mr. Nobody when to protect the privacy of our private life we don’t want to let strangers know who we are and what we do with the computer.
Our mission is to support respect for privacy and defend digital freedom through security systems within everyone’s reach.
New technologies help control risk factors for our network security, but the most effective measure is knowledge of the right behavioral practices.

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