About Ulissux

What is Ulissux

The anonymous Italian operating system to leave no traces on the computer you are using.
Based on Debian GNU/Linux, one of the safest systems in the world, also used by government bodies, military apparatuses, international institutions and important companies in the world.

Nevigazione anonima in Internet

Ulissux was designed and built to work / live in symbiosis with the Tor system , all traffic generated by the computer that uses it is routed through this system.


The dominant specificity is that it is the first Italian anonymous operating system for the protection of privacy, ready to use with just two clicks.


It has a unique configuration, with services, ad hoc scripts and numerous preconfigured software to perform multiple activities anonymously.


Ease of use, installation and loading much faster than “similar systems”, including free updates.
What is it for
To carry out your activities without the danger of being spied on, obscuring information and behavior with the certainty that any loss of data is in any case “torified”.

You will finally be able to search the web without making it a public domain activity, create files and send emails visible only to those directly concerned, avoid censorship by surfing freely and many other uniqueness.
Internet sicuro
How it works
It works like a normal operating system, with the peculiarity that the traffic generated by the PC is forced to use the Tor circuit. Ulissux has the necessary technology to carry out this process without your intervention.

Tor browser is a software for anonymous browsing but it only anonymizes the activities carried out using the software itself. Ulissux protects against any loss of information and is configured to carry out all activities anonymously and not just browsing. (do you want to learn more?)
Ulissux OS
Where is it installed?
Desktop and laptop computers, tablets, pendrive (> 16 GB), external hard disk, DVD, virtual machine.

I can trust?
Fear of the new and psychological factors such as mistrust and distrust represent the main obstacles to the use of new systems.

To break down these obstacles to zero risk, we wanted to include the special test which, in real time, allows you to check the level of anonymity obtained.
Linux con Tor
In the chaos of many kinds of systems and with the aggravating circumstance of those who confuse the scarce knowledge of those few virtuosos who wish to protect their privacy, it is necessary to make a clarification.
Ulissux was created for a very specific purpose, to protect the digital freedom of anyone who uses a computer and is based on Debian GNU / Linux.
Linux is, in general, an open source operating system that can be used freely, some of its versions invite you to make donations to support its development (but they are not free, if anything, something quite different, it is those who use them who do not make any donations). The OPEN SOURCE definition means open code and not free.
Other Linux versions that have special content and purpose and offer professional support, such as Red Hat and OpenSuse, are all paid.

Just like these, Ulissux also has its uniqueness. The exclusive scripts optimized for anonymity and the numerous software installed already "torified", have transformed it into a unique system of its kind thanks to which you will be able to carry out all activities anonymously and not just internet browsing.

It may seem like an improper way to proceed on the web but today, the attitude of anonymity is the surest way to protect yourself from attacks by cyber criminals, whatever your job or role in society.

Ulissux is available in 2 executables versions

Ulissux Base System

Ulissux User Experience