Italian Anonymous Operating System


to identity theft and data breaches

Live online confidentially

This is why you need to protect yourself when you are at the computer

The data and content that you voluntarily introduce on the web, crossed with the information inevitably transmitted by your browser, are the tracks followed by cyber criminals to violate your privacy and attack your finances.
If you do not intervene, you put your real life at risk, suffering even serious consequences that can involve family, relatives, friends, acquaintances or colleagues.
Imagine, for example, the doorman of a large apartment building armed with bad intentions.
Nobody pays attention to him as he spies on all his tenants morbidly, knows every private detail of their life even if they have nothing to hide, enters their homes and rummages through their things to abuse this information or peddle it on the web.

This is what happens every time you connect to the internet,
even if you can't see it.

We have experienced this problem on our skin, we know how it feels and what consequences it can lead to, but we have managed to overcome it by returning to take full control over our privacy and our online freedom.
This emergency has not only served to solve our criticality, but it has been the spark that made us think: “how can we avoid suffering this anguish again by helping other web users too?
After a lot of research and numerous tests, we have come to the conclusion that the most effective way is to leave no trace of the passage on the computer used, obscuring what cyber criminals may already know.

In concrete terms, living online in "invisible mode".

Up to now, whatever the way to try to protect you has been, it has been an attempt that has left traces of your passage, without ever being able to be one step ahead of cybercrime.

Thanks to the new anonymous Ulissux operating system,
now the music has changed!

Simple and practical

The term “anonymous operating system” should not discourage you thinking of devoting time and energy to learn something new, after the installation procedures common to any operating system, Ulissux is ready to use with two simple clicks.

Valid alternative

It was created to obscure all personal and work activities carried out through a computer, and not to change habits or necessarily replace the operating system you use. It can coexist with other OS or be used only when it is deemed necessary.

Easy to use and within everyone's reach

Internet data protection

Ulissux converts the Internet into a safer space where you can finally...

It may seem like an improper way to proceed on the web but today, the attitude to anonymity is the safest way to protect yourself from computer fraud, whatever your job or role in society.

Obscuring your online behavior and not just browsing the web does not mean having something to hide but controlling which details of your life you want to keep to yourself and which ones you want to share with the rest of the world.

You can start using Ulissux too from the next 2 minutes and regain your online freedom.

Ulissux is available in 2 executables versions

On request, also on pen-drive device

Ulissux Base System

Ulissux User Experience